Welcome on board

Dear guest, Thanks for taking an interest in chartering this luxury motor yacht, Boomerang4ever. My name is Wim van Antwerpen and I’m the captain of the yacht. I’ll be at your disposal for the duration of your stay – not only to navigate the yacht, but also to share with you my tips about Mallorca, the Balearic Islands in general and other practical matters.

The most beautiful places

As an experienced captain and resident of Mallorca, I can take you to some of the most beautiful places around the island where you can swim, snorkel, dive or ride around on the sea on the jet ski or Seabob. My job is to help make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

If you’d like to visit other places, I’ll make all the necessary arrangements in the ports where you’d like to moor.

So I’ll be there if you need me, and in the meantime I maintain Boomerang4ever and all the equipment.

Extra crew

If desired, it is also possible to hire extra crew to take extra-special care of you and make your stay even more comfortable and luxurious than normal. Please contact me for more details.   

Wim van Antwerpen